AI & crowdsource based data platform, enabling AI teams to grow for better.

Tallinn, Estonia





Our Approach

We are group of misfits creating lovely products to help grow AI.

We are the people who loves to create services, products and experiences that AI people love.
We believe a good service is a little constant smile on people's faces that we serve our products. We work, we learn, we create value to constantly grow AI.

Meet Our Talented Team

We do!

Berke Belgin
Q&A ML Engineer
Gokturk Goker
Software Architect
Bugrahan Kirmizi
Mobile App Developer
Busra Sen
UI/UX Designer
Semih Durgun
React Developer
Metehan Mutlu
React Developer
Shah Nur
React Developer
Alican Yildizalp
Account Executive
Nursena Akten
Community Lead
Onur Gumus
Backend Developer
Gulsevim Dinler
Data Project Engineer
Selin Aktas
Business Development
Busra Demir
Head of Marketing
Mert Menekse
A. Arman Kayhan

Helping AI teams to grow for better.

We help AI world to build the most serious, high quality AI products.
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