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Single platform for well-cared AI datasets.
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Dataset Prepper

Prepare your dataset!

Upload your data and create a guideline for annotations.

You can integrate to your environment by uploading data using various cloud sources. Using the guideline creation you can express how should a perfect annotation be.
API Uploading
Guideline Creation
Sample Annotation

Data Labeling MLOps Platform

Observe the annotations live, give feedback and edit.
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Path to Successful AI model

We help AI teams to achieve hassle-free data annotatations in a feedback oriented data cycles.
Data Annotation Project Creation
Onboard yourself to Co-one data platform. Define your annotation needs, create annotation project and upload your data.
Annotation Guideline Creation
We are here to understand how you care with your dataset. We are listening. Define the do's and don'ts. Make sample annotations. Only then, we will serve you the best annotations.
Track Your Annotations Live
You can be an active part of data annotations. Observe them live, while they are annotated. Give feedbacks or correct them.
Feed Your AI Model.
When you are satisfied with the annotations, export or import them into your model training environment in any desired format. Datalaoders and TFRecords are also included.

Track the Annotation Process Live

You are able to observe the labeling process as the annotations are performed. Access the data distirbutions instantly.
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Get High Quality Annotations

Always! Create your annotation guideline as you see fit. We will cross validate and do some magic to deliver the results exactly you require.

Don't Linger Your AI Model

We are committed to deliver annotations fast, up to 50K/day, always.

Your Data is Safe

It is ensured that your data is processed with industry leading information security certifications ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and with respect to GDPR.

What We've Achieved So Far?

We are providing data annotations service to grow the AI for better.

Data Annotations

Crowdsource Annotators


AI Project Launched
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Elif Oral
Senior Data Scientist
The work was appropriate and very meticulous. In fact, it has been worked so carefully that even a contribution has been made to our wishes. We were informed at every stage of the work, the communication was very good. All our question marks about data quality have been cleared. As a result of this meticulous work, we have achieved a high quality output.

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