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We help you roll out your autonomous driving projects on the roads faster.
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Training Data for ADAS

Co-one supports multiple data annotation types for your autonomous vehicle cases.
Bounding Box
Object detection with rectangular coordinates.
Masking entire video frame for full comprehension.
Object detection with fully masked coordinates.
alt text
Lane detection and driveable area understanding.
In-depth analysis of the environment.
Making 3D understanding of detection objects.
alt text


Make your AI Fully Understand its environment

Processing huge datasets is a headache for many. We actually love it!
Active Annotation Tracking
See the annotations live, react and give feedback.
Fast Daily Annotations
You will get min. 5K/day annotations.

Path to Successful Computer Vision Model

We help AI teams to build production ready Computer Vision models with high quality, unbiased data annotations.
Computer Vision Project Creation
Build your CV data annotation project, and define requirements.
Annotation Guideline Creation
Upload your sample data and perform sample annotations. So that, we know how the high quality looks.
Track Your Annotations Live
Be an active part of data annotations. Track class distributions, see uncertainties, and provide feedback.
Feed Your AI Model.
Export or import annotations into your model training environment. Datalaoders and TFRecords are already provided.

Co-one Data Management Platform

All Data in One Platform for Your AI

Live Data Tracking

Experience real-time annotation viewing, feedback, and editing capabilities for enhanced collaboration.
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Helping AI teams to grow for better.

We help AI world to build the most serious, high quality AI products.
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