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Understand, track, and review each annotation live

Effortlessly manage all your data labeling processes in one centralized platform for enhanced efficiency in your AI.
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Lighten Your Data Load with Co-one

Focus on Your AI Project, We Handle the Rest

Co-one takes care of all your data management needs, including data labeling, collection, verification, cleaning, validation, and AI & ML validation, allowing you to concentrate on your AI project without any hassle.
Fast Labeling
Accelerate your Artificial Inteligent projects with Co-one's rapid and efficient data annotation services.
High Quality
Ensure reliable results and superior AI performance with our meticulous attention to data accuracy.
Live Tracking
Stay informed and in control with real-time monitoring of your annotation progress on our platform.

Get Tailored Guidelines

Guide for high-quality annotations

Enhance accuracy with clear do's, don'ts, and class-specific instructions for reliable, high-quality data annotations.
Create customized annotation guidelines.
Ensure high-quality and consistent annotations.
Class-specific instructions for reliable datasets.

Achieve Data Clarity

Image Analysis for Informed Decisions

Access in-depth information about your dataset's image properties for better AI model performance.
Utilize comprehensive dataset analysis tools.
Gain insights into image resolution, dimensions, and formats.
Detect image quality, including blurry and sharp images.

Analyze Class Imbalance

View class distributions of annotations

Easily access detailed class distribution information, compare class percentages, and analyze to resolve any class imbalances effectively.
Gain valuable insights through data analysis.
Ensure dataset balance with expert recommendations.
Improve AI model accuracy by addressing imbalances.

Effortless Team Collaboration

Efficient Project Management through Teamwork

Streamline your projects with seamless collaboration.
Easily add team members to annotation projects.
Assign roles with specific permissions.
Control annotation visibility, editing, and feedback access.

Review Your Annotations

Real-time Oversight

Monitor and control your annotated data in real-time for optimal outcomes.
Streamlined Data Review:
Effortlessly review annotated data for accuracy and completeness.
Customized Data Filtering:
Easily filter and slice data based on annotation status.
Seamless Feedback Loop:
Provide feedback, suggestions, and create issues for improved annotations.
Real-time Annotation Monitoring:
Watch the annotation process live and interact with annotators in real time.

Efficient Data Insights

​​Track, Save Time, and Analyze

Co-one's platform empowers you to track your daily tagged data, visualize time saved for your projects, and examine the class distribution, unlocking the true potential of your data.
Easily monitor your daily labeled data and stay up-to-date on project progress.
Track the time saved with Co-one's efficient data labeling process.
Gain valuable insights into your data with the ability to examine class distribution.
"The work was appropriate and very meticulous. In fact, it has been worked so carefully that even a contribution has been made to our wishes. We were informed at every stage of the work, the communication was very good. All our question marks about data quality have been cleared. As a result of this meticulous work, we have achieved a high quality output."
Elif Oral
Senior Data Scientist, Hepsiburada

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