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Empower Your Conversations with Intelligent Chatbot Solutions
Develop Intelligent Chatbots
Streamline business processes with our comprehensive NLP and chatbot solutions.
Optimize Your Chatbot Data
Ensure seamless customer interactions and improved user experiences with optimized data.
Tailored Solutions for You
Customized chatbot solutions in 15+ languages to meet your specific needs.

Empowering Your Success with Tailored AI Solutions

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Data Annotation

Unlock the power of visual data with precise image annotation.

Powering AI with Comprehensive Data Gathering

Data Collection

Harness the power of comprehensive data collection solutions tailored to your requirements. Our proficient team and advanced technologies enable seamless data gathering from various sources, providing valuable insights and fueling the success of your AI projects.

Trusted Accuracy, Verified by Co-one

Data Verification

Let our experienced crowdsource community ensure the accuracy of your big data. Save time and resources by eliminating manual checks and relying on Co-one for efficient and reliable data verification.

Streamlined Data for Enhanced Analysis

Data Cleaning

Streamline your data by eliminating duplicates, unwanted entries, and irrelevant files. Our manual data cleanup services adhere to your specific technical requirements, ensuring your data is clean, valid, and ready for analysis.

Accuracy and Integrity in Your Data

Data Validation

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your data through our comprehensive data validation services. We use advanced techniques to filter out irrelevant or false data, while carefully validating the remaining information for integrity and consistency.

Test Your AI Models Performance

AI & ML Model Validation

Specializing in testing the predictions of our your AI models. If the predictions are incorrect, we provide accurate annotation of the data with the correct classes.

Co-one Data Management Platform

All Data in One Platform for Your AI

Live Data Tracking

Experience real-time annotation viewing, feedback, and editing capabilities for enhanced collaboration.
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"The work was appropriate and very meticulous. In fact, it has been worked so carefully that even a contribution has been made to our wishes. We were informed at every stage of the work, the communication was very good. All our question marks about data quality have been cleared. As a result of this meticulous work, we have achieved a high quality output."
Elif Oral
Senior Data Scientist, Hepsiburada

What We've Achieved So Far?

We are providing data annotations service to grow the AI for better.


AI Project Launched

Data Annotations

Helping AI teams to grow for better.

We help AI world to build the most serious, high quality AI products.
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